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Me out what type of colors tend to stand out? a) cool b) light c) primary d) warm

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36. during the reign of the step pyramid of saqqara was builta. tutankhamunb. ramesses iic. djoserd. khafre37. what are the two kinds of hieroglyphic signs? a. phonograms and ideogramsb. phonograms and anagramsc. ideograms and anagramsd. phonograms and monograms38. what is the name of the famous stele that to break the hieroglyphic code? a. the dead sea scrollsb. the blarney stonec. rosa parksd. the rosetta stone39. usually located on the ground of the temples, obelisks were usually covered from base to near tip with: a. hieroglyphicsb. paintingsc. goldd. mosaica
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What are two forms of visual arts? describe each.
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The dynamics of a musical piece refer to the a. key signature b. composer’s history c. volume changes d. instrumentation
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How does global media in the contemporary media landscape contribute to our perceptions of cultural identity domestic and foreign?
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Me out what type of colors tend to stand out? a) cool b) light c) primary d) warm...

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