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Why should organisms reproduce more offspring than will survive? select all that apply.

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Which of these are not examples of the four essential parts of natural selection? question 2 options: a one offspring of an organism has green fur, and the other has blue fur. this variation in fur color is passed down to their offspring as well. b all offspring of lions will always survive because earth can always support new organisms. c cats’ sharp teeth them to consume other organisms and survive in their environment. d jaguars with large jaws made it easier for them to eat certain animals and survive long enough to reproduce.
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Must all species reproduce in order for the species to survive? a. no; plants don't reproduce, and they survive. b. no; not all species reproduce. c. yes; without reproduction, living organisms would get lonely. d. yes; without reproduction, once the living organisms died, there would be no offspring to replace them.
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Which of these individuals is likely to be most successful in an evolutionary sense? (a) a reproductively sterile individual who never falls ill (b) an organism that dies after five days of life but leaves 10 offspring, all of whom survive to reproduce (c) a male who mates with 20 females and fathers one offspring (d) an organism that lives 100 years and leaves two offspring, both of whom survive to reproduce (e) a female who mates with 20 males and produces one offspring that lives to reproduce
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Which of the following is not part of the theory of evolution? 1. organisms tend to produce more offspring than can survive to reproductive age. 2. organisms can acquire changes during their lifetime that can their species survive. 3. organisms that do not survive to reproduce do not pass on their traits. 4. organisms have variations in traits within a population.
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Why should organisms reproduce more offspring than will survive? select all that apply....

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