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What is the importantence of the carbon and nitretan cycles in the environment

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The gene that causes sickle-cell disease is present in a higher percentage of residents of sub-saharan africa than among those of african descent living in the united states. even though this gene causes sickle-cell disease, it also provides some protection from malaria, a serious disease that is widespread in sub-saharan africa but absent in the united states. discuss an evolutionary process that could account for the different percentages of the sickle-cell gene among residents of the two regions.
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How many copies of each chromosomes should be present in each of the 4 final haploid versions of gamete?
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25. what does meiosis create? haploids or diploid? somatic cells or gametes?
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For a to be healthy, it has to have lots of different kinds of plants and animals. all of the different types of plants and animals in an ecosystem. name four types of ecosystems from those listed in the video. b) c) d) most living things live here. all living things depend on how an ecosystem like a game of sticks? why should we build new buildings on existing land? name four extinct species from those listed in the video. b) c) d) the best way to wipe out a species is to the largest ecosystem in the world is this percent of the world is covered by water. how many of all species in the world live in the ocean? list five things you can do to increase biodiversity. b) c) d) e) how many species are we losing per hour?
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What is the importantence of the carbon and nitretan cycles in the environment...

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