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Explain why a gene pool cannot be made up of only one individual

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Ageologist determines that a sample of a mineral cant be scratched by a steel nail but can be scratched by a masonry drill bit based on this information the sample mineral has to be softer than
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Glucose is broken down in different ways, both in the presence and in the absence of oxygen. using the table for reference, what major products are formed in each reaction set?
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What sentence best supports the statement that hormones are involved in the regulation of homeostasis? a. the hormone erythropoeitin increases the production of red blood cells when oxygen levels are low. b. the hormone oxytocin promotes labor contractions of the uterus during childbirth. c. the hormone melatonin induces sleep and its production is slowed by exposure to light. d. the hormone cortisol suppresses the immune system and is produced when the body is under stress.
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Differentiate renewable and nonrenewable resources
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Explain why a gene pool cannot be made up of only one individual...

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