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Differentiation of cells changes the nucleic information. true false

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During dna replication which of the following is not a function of dna polymerase 1
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What is turgor pressure, what causes it, and what does it do for a plant?
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Which statements describe resources? one of the factors people use when deciding where they will live is the availability of resources. renewable resources have little value for people. resources are unevenly distributed throughout the world. energy is the world resource which has the highest use. the use of nonrenewable resources has decreased in recent history. the use of resources is evenly distributed throughout the world. the world's oil supply will last for the next forty years if its use continues as expected.
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Plz ! having a smooth seeds is the dominant trait. having wrinkled seeds is a recessive trait. the offspring of two plants with smooth seeds, a. must have smooth seeds. b. may have smooth or wrinkled seeds. c. must have wrinkled seeds. d. have a 25% change of having smooth seeds.
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Differentiation of cells changes the nucleic information. true false...

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