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The tonsils in the throat are considered to be part of the

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An easy way to calculate the amount of energy available at each level is to what?
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Based on the data in your tables, did the light-colored moths have a higher or lower survival rate after the industrial revolution?
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Can bacteria reproduce in a way such that when you start out with two bacteria, you get five bacteria? why or why not? * a. yes, because bacteria reproduce sexually, and can produce any number of offspring, just as humans do. b. no, because bacteria grow at an exponential rate. c. no, because when bacteria reproduce, they split into two parts, and two bacteria splitting would result in four bacteria.
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8) animals respond in various ways to stimuli detected through their senses. some of these responses are stimulated by the presence of danger. which of these animal responses is the best example of a response to an immediate threat? a) a rooster crows every morning at the first sign of light. b) as something approaches an octopus, it shoots a cloud of ink. c) from late fall until spring, bears hibernate to preserve energy. d) a dog is getting hot in the sunlight, so he moves to a shaded area.
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The tonsils in the throat are considered to be part of the...

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