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Explain how the federal reserve functions within the economy of the united states. discuss two specific examples of the role of the fed in managing the economy of our nation.

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Virtually all economists agree that sales taxes are regressive, and the burden of the sales tax falls most heavily on those with lower incomes. most consider this to be unfair. which of the following statements correctly explain why most states have a sales tax? i. the sales tax gives the poor an incentive to work harder. ii. there are more poor people so to have them pay their fair share, they have to pay a higher percentage. iii. the sales tax is relatively easy for the state and local governments to collect. iv. if the rich pay most of the income taxes in america, then the poor can pay the sales tax. v. states without sales taxes tend to have the lowest average incomes.
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Parks corporation is considering an investment proposal in which a working capital investment of $10,000 would be required. the investment would provide cash inflows of $2,000 per year for six years. the working capital would be released for use elsewhere when the project is completed. if the company's discount rate is 10%, the investment's net present value is closest to (ignore income taxes) ?
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Ardmore farm and seed has an inventory dilemma. they have been selling a brand of very popular insect spray for the past year. they have never really analyzed the costs incurred from ordering and holding the inventory and currently fave a large stock of the insecticide in the warehouse. they estimate that it costs $25 to place an order, and it costs $0.25 per gallon to hold the spray. the annual requirements total 80,000 gallons for a 365 day year. a. assuming that 10,000 gallons are ordered each time an order is placed, estimate the annual inventory costs. b. calculate the eoq. c. given the eoq calculated in part b., how many orders should be placed and what is the average inventory balance? d. if it takes seven days to receive an order from suppliers, at what inventory level should ardmore place another order?
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Choose the statement about itqs that is correct. a. fishers with low marginal cost sell itqs to those with high marginal cost. b. when itqs are​ used, no one has an incentive to cheat and exceed the quota. c. the major problem with itqs is that they create a monopoly. d. the market price of a an itq equals the marginal social benefit minus the marginal social cost.
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Explain how the federal reserve functions within the economy of the united states. discuss two spec...

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