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Island novelties, inc., of palau makes two products—hawaiian fantasy and tahitian joy. each product's selling price, variable expense per unit and annual sales volume are as follows:

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Economists believe the free rider problem is very important in complex business organizational structures. still, businesses continue to build teams to solve problems or to deliver products to consumers. often special rewards or bonuses are provided to the team rather than to the individuals on the team. write a brief essay that either defends the economists' concern or explain why economists are wrong on this issue.
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The following information relates to carried away hot air​ balloons, inc. how much was carried​ away's manufacturing​ overhead? advertising costs $10,000 sales salary 16,800 sales revenue 610,000 ​ president's salary 51,000 office rent 52,000 manufacturing equipment depreciation 1,500 indirect materials used 6,100 indirect labor 13,600 factory repair and maintenance 570 direct materials used 31,160 direct labor 36,700 delivery vehicle depreciation 750 administrative salaries 24,600
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Cash flows during the first year of operations for the harman-kardon consulting company were as follows: cash collected from customers, $385,000; cash paid for rent, $49,000; cash paid to employees for services rendered during the year, $129,000; cash paid for utilities, $59,000. in addition, you determine that customers owed the company $69,000 at the end of the year and no bad debts were anticipated. also, the company owed the gas and electric company $2,900 at year-end, and the rent payment was for a two-year period.
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Yowell company began operations on january 1, year 1. during year 1, the company engaged in the following cash transactions: 1) issued stock for $50,000 2) borrowed $30,000 from its bank 3) provided consulting services for $48,000 cash 4) paid back $20,000 of the bank loan 5) paid rent expense for $11,500 6) purchased equipment for $17,000 cash 7) paid $3,500 dividends to stockholders 8) paid employees' salaries of $26,000 what is yowell's net cash flow from operating activities?
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Island novelties, inc., of palau makes two products—hawaiian fantasy and tahitian joy. each product'...

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