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When marietta chooses to only purchase a combination of goods that lie within her budget line, she: is decreasing utility. is maximizing utility. likely has negative savings. must reduce the quantity?

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Xyz corporation has declared a rights offering to stockholders of record on wednesday, november 15th, payable on tuesday, december 5th. under the offer, shareholders need 5 rights to subscribe to 1 new share at a price of $24. fractional shares can be rounded up to purchase 1 full share. the last day to buy xyz shares before they go ex rights is:
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​mary's baskets company expects to manufacture and sell​ 30,000 baskets in 2019 for​ $5 each. there are​ 4,000 baskets in beginning finished goods inventory with target ending inventory of​ 4,000 baskets. the company keeps no work-in-process inventory. what amount of sales revenue will be reported on the 2019 budgeted income​ statement?
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Paying attention to the purpose of her speech, which questions can she eliminate? a. 1 and 2 b. 3 c. 2 and 4 d. 1-4
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As the inventor of hypertension medication, onesure pharmaceuticals (osp) inc. was able to reap the benefits of economies of scale due to a large consumer demand for the drug. even when competitors later developed similar drugs after the expiry of osp's patents, regular users did not want to switch because they were concerned about possible side effects. which of the following benefits does this scenario best illustrate? a. first-mover advantages b. social benefits c. network externalities d. fringe benefits
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When marietta chooses to only purchase a combination of goods that lie within her budget line, she:...

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