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The third part of the lras curve is vertical. this corresponds to what point in the ppf model? a. to the left of the curve b. full employment (on the curve). c. to the right of the curve.

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Operating segment total revenue operating profit (loss) identifiable assets w $57,246 $16,970 $165,764 x 9,860 2,570 82,882 y 24,675 (3,260) 20,006 z 6,919 1,220 17,148 $98,700 $17,500 $285,800 determine which of the operating segments are reportable based on the: reportable segments (a) revenue test. (b) operating profit (loss) test. (c) identifiable assets test.
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Find a company that has followed a strong strategic direction- state that generic strategy and the back-up points to support your position.
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T-comm makes a variety of products. it is organized in two divisions, north and south. the managers for each division are paid, in part, based on the financial performance of their divisions. the south division normally sells to outside customers but, on occasion, also sells to the north division. when it does, corporate policy states that the price must be cost plus 20 percent to ensure a "fair" return to the selling division. south received an order from north for 300 units. south's planned output for the year had been 1,200 units before north's order. south's capacity is 1,500 units per year. the costs for producing those 1,200 units follow
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Suppose that the firm cherryblossom has an orchard they are willing to sell today. the net annual returns to the orchard are expected to be $50,000 per year for the next 20 years. at the end of 20 years, it is expected the land will sell for $30,000. calculate the market value of the orchard if the market rate of return on comparable investments is 16%.
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The third part of the lras curve is vertical. this corresponds to what point in the ppf model? a. t...

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