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Harley davidson stores sell merchandise which attract people who love motorcycles and the idea of an open road and freedom. some are bikers and others are those who do not have a harley davidson motorcycle but buy the hd logo apparel and accessories. therefore, harley davidson is using as the scheme for market segmentation.

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Vara cosmetics inc. is a company that operates in 20 countries around the globe. the company clearly understands that the skin and hair type of customers vary from one country to another. consequently, its products are customized to suit local customer needs and preferences, even though the costs incurred while producing these products are exceptionally high. this strategy the company behave as a local firm in a foreign market. in this scenario, which of the following strategies is evara cosmetics inc. most likely pursuing? o a multi-domestic strategy an international strategy o a global-standardization strategy o a one-product strategy
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Arriving and delivering a load of company executives for a business meeting at a destination far from home base requiring an overnight stay, a company’s pilot requested approval from the company finance office to pay to either have the company’s jet brought into the fbo's hangar overnight to protect it from a forecast snowfall or to have it de-iced by the fbo the following morning well-before scheduled departure. the company was under considerable financial pressure at the time, and the pilot’s requests were denied because of the cost. so, early the following morning, the pilot was up on the wing of the jet sweeping off an accumulation of snow and ice with a borrowed push broom in preparation for the scheduled departure with the executives, but slipped and fell to the ground, suffering a broken neck. the business was organized as a limited partnership, owned by 3 limited partners and one general partner. as a cost-saving measure, the company had dropped its workers’ compensation insurance before the accident. analyze the potential liability for the pilot’s injuries of each of the following, showing your reasoning clearly: the company the general partner the limited partners analyze how the outcome would have been different, if the business had been organized as a corporation and observed all of the formalities to legitimize its corporate status. analyze how the outcome would have been different, if the pilot had been covered by workers’ compensation insurance.
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Working with a word processor requires more than just a knowledge of typing. a good word processor includes a number of tools designed to aid in formatting documents to meet the needs of the reader. in this project you will use your word-processing skills and a basic knowledge of apa style to format a research paper. the skills you will need for this project include the following: adjusting line spacing (double-spacing) breaking text into pages (page break) centering text changing the font, style, and size of the text editing text inserting page numbers inserting a table using spell check
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Match the type of agreements to their descriptions. will trust living will prenuptial agreement
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Harley davidson stores sell merchandise which attract people who love motorcycles and the idea of an...

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