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In the absence of trade, simon and dave each spend half their time producing beans and half their time producing corn. suppose simon and dave specialize and that the terms of trade are 1 pound of green beans for 1 pound of corn. if simon sells dave 80 pounds of green beans, then the gains from trade for simon are pounds of green beans and pounds of corn with trade and specialization.

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On november 1, 2015, ambrose company sold merchandise to a foreign customer for 100,000 fcus with payment to be received on april 30, 2016. at the date of sale, ambrose entered into a six-month forward contract to sell 100,000 lcus. it properly designates the forward contract as a cash flow hedge of a foreign currency receivable. the following exchange rates apply: date spot rate forward rate (to april 30, 2016) november 1, 2015 $0.53 $0.52 december 31, 2015 0.50 0.48 april 30, 2016 0.49 n/a ambrose’s incremental borrowing rate is 12 percent. the present value factor for four months at an annual interest rate of 12 percent (1 percent per month) is 0.9610. a. prepare all journal entries, including december 31 adjusting entries, to record the sale and forward contract.
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On january 1, 2018, allied industries leased a high-performance conveyer to karrier company for a four-year period ending december 31, 2021, at which time possession of the leased asset will revert back to allied. the equipment cost allied $956,000 and has an expected useful life of five years. allied expects the residual value at december 31, 2021, will be $300,000. negotiations led to the lessee guaranteeing a $340,000 residual value. (fv of $1, pv of $1, fva of $1, pva of $1, fvad of $1 and pvad of $1) (use appropriate factor(s) from the tables provided.) equal payments under the finance/sales-type lease are $200,000 and are due on december 31 of each year with the first payment being made on december 31, 2018. karrier is aware that allied used a 5% interest rate when calculating lease payments. required: 1. prepare the appropriate entries for both karrier and allied on january 1, 2018, to record the lease. 2. prepare all appropriate entries for both karrier and allied on december 31, 2018, related to the lease.
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A. j. was a newly hired attorney for idle time gaming, inc. even though he reported directly to the president of the company, a. j. noticed that the president always had time to converse with the director of sales, calling on him to get a pulse on legal/regulatory issues that, as the company attorney, a. j. could have probably handled. a. j. also noted that the hr manager’s administrative assistant was the go-to person for a number of things that would make life easier at work. a. j. was recognizing the culture at idle time gaming.
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Has sales of $617,000, costs of $320,000, depreciation expense of $28,000, and interest expense of $19,000. if the tax rate is 33 percent, the operating cash flow, or ocf, is $ . (round your answer to the nearest whole dollar amount. do not include the dollar sign
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In the absence of trade, simon and dave each spend half their time producing beans and half their ti...

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