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Which of the following statements about brand names is true? brand names give the seller an incentive to provide consistently high-quality products and services in order to protect the reputation of the brand. brand names are always economically wasteful since they dupe consumers into buying more expensive goods and services that are no different from generic versions. it is always rational to prefer brand names over generic substitutes. read the following example and determine whether it illustrates a common critique or defense of advertising. musashi sees a commercial for a brand x clothing company that depicts the wearers of the clothes out having a good time with friends. although he doesn't particularly need new clothes, the commercial prompts him to buy a brand x t-shirt.

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Which of the following is a major consideration when analyzing a special​ order? a. the company must have a good stock turnover ratio. b. the sunk costs of the decision must not exceed the irrelevant costs. c. the profit margin of the special sale must be higher than the regular sales. d. the price must be high enough to cover any incremental costs to fill the order.
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Which of the following is not a characteristic of enterprise applications that cause challenges in​ implementation? a. they introduce​ "switching costs," making the firm dependent on the vendor. b. they cause integration difficulties as every vendor uses different data and processes. c. they are complex and time consuming to implement. d. they support​ "best practices" for each business process and function. e. they require sweeping changes to business processes to work with the software.
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Given the following information for o'hara marine co., calculate the depreciation expense: sales = $48,000; costs = $21,200; addition to retained earnings = $6,500; dividends paid = $1,300; interest expense = $5,200; tax rate = 35 percent. (do not round intermediate calculations and round your answer to the nearest whole number, e. g., 32.)
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This problem has been solved! see the answercompute and interpret altman's z-scoresfollowing is selected financial information for ebay, for its fiscal years 2005 and 2006.(in millions, except per share data) 2006 2005current assets $ 4,975.59 $ 3,188.24current liabilities 2,519.39 1,485.93total assets 13,490.01 11,784.99total liabilities 2,593.38 1,745.00shares outstanding 1,365.51 1,401.18retained earnings 4,537.35 2,818.64stock price per share 30.07 43.22sales 5,967.74 4,550.40earnings before interest and taxes 1,441.77 1,447.18compute and interpret altman z-scores for the company for both years. (do not round until your final answer; then round your answers to two decimal places.)2006 z-score = answer2005 z-score = answer
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