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Which composition of transformations will create a pair of similar, not congruent triangles? a rotation, then a reflectiona translation, then a rotationa reflection, then a translationa rotation, then a dilationmark this and retumsave and exit​

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You have learned that there are many ethical concerns surrounding genetic research, and it's important to be familiar with them. for this project, you will write a persuasive essay about an ethical question in biotechnology. directions the goal of a persuasive essay is to convince people to agree with you. it is important to support your opinion with facts. a persuasive essay is not simply a description of your beliefs. be sure to organize your information, give clear examples, and build your argument carefully. read the following genetics topics below. choose a topic and then decide what side you are on. remember that there is no "right" or "wrong" side. ethical questions often have many points of view. research your topic and write a 400 word persuasive essay. topic 1: should insurance companies have the right to learn the genetic profiles of the people they insure? topic 2: should employers have the right to learn the genetic profiles of the people they hire? are there special considerations for employees in jobs in which there is a high risk to others, such as airline pilots, doctors, or bus drivers? topic 3: should scientists who identify genes and create new genetic engineering techniques have the right to patent their methods for their own profit?
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What are the ticker symbols for : microsoft, home depot, mcdonalds, binker international, disney, kroger, yum brands, tupperware, crocs, at& t, bank of america, walmart, krispy kreme donuts, coca cola bed bath and beyond
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Kimberly has been jonah in preparing his personal income tax forms for a couple of years. jonah's boss recommended kimberly because she had done a good job setting up the company's new accounting system. jonah is very satisfied with kimberly's work and feels that the fees she charges are quite reasonable. kimberly would be classified as a(n) (a) independent auditor (b) private accountant (c) public accountant (d) accounting broker
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Performance bicycle company makes steel and titanium handle bars for bicycles. it requires approximately 1 hour of labor to make one handle bar of either type. during the most recent accounting period, barr company made 7,700 steel bars and 2,300 titanium bars. setup costs amounted to $35,000. one batch of each type of bar was run each month. if a single company-wide overhead rate based on direct labor hours is used to allocate overhead costs to the two products, the amount of setup cost assigned to the steel bars will be:
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Which composition of transformations will create a pair of similar, not congruent triangles? a rotat...

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