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)murphy was consuming 100 units of x and 50 units of y . the price of x rose from 2 to 3. the price of y remained at 4. (a) how much would murphy’s income have to rise so that he can still exactly afford 100 units of x and 50 units of y ? g

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The gross domestic product (gdp) of trelinberg, a south american nation, has been decreasing for the past eight years. the long period of consecutive decreases in the gdp has led to high unemployment rates in trelinberg. in the given scenario, the economy of trelinberg is most likely in
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Rediger inc., a manufacturing corporation, has provided the following data for the month of june. the balance in the work in process inventory account was $42,000 at the beginning of the month and $27,000 at the end of the month. during the month, the corporation incurred direct materials cost of $59,000 and direct labor cost of $34,000. the actual manufacturing overhead cost incurred was $55,200. the manufacturing overhead cost applied to work in process was $55,000. the cost of goods manufactured for june was:
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What is overdraft protection (odp)? a.) a cheap and easy way to always avoid overdrawing a bank account b.) a service to automatically transfer available funds from a linked account to cover purchases, prevent returned checks and declined items when you don’t have enough money in your checking account at the time of the transaction. c.) an insurance policy sold by banks to prevent others from withdrawing your money d.) a service provided by the government that insures individuals bank deposits up to $250,000
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Describe three scenarios in which you might utilize mathematics to investigate a crime scene, accident scene, or to make decisions involving police practice. be sure to explain how math is used in police as they work through each scenario.
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)murphy was consuming 100 units of x and 50 units of y . the price of x rose from 2 to 3. the price...

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