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Consider a two-firm industry. firm 1 (the incumbent) chooses a level of output q1. firm 2 (the potential entrant) observes q1 and then chooses its level of output q2. the demand for the product is p = 100 - q, where q is the total output sold by the two firms which equals q1 +q2. assume that the marginal cost of each firm is zero. a) find the subgame perfect equilibrium levels of q1 and q2 keeping in mind that firm 1 chooses q1 first and firm 2 observes q1 and chooses its q2. find the profits of the two firms-? 1 and ? 2- in the subgame perfect equilibrium. how do these numbers differ from the cournot equilibrium? b) for what level of q1 would firm 2 be deterred from entering? would a rational firm 1 have an incentive to choose this level of q1? which entry condition does this market have: blockaded, deterred, or accommodated? now suppose that firm 2 has to incur a fixed cost of entry, f > 0. c) for what values of f will entry be blockaded? d) find out the entry deterring level of q1, denoted by q1b, as a function of f. next, derive the expression for firm 1

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Gary marks is paid on a monthly basis. for the month of january of the current year, he earned a total of $8,638. fica tax for social security is 6.2% of the first $118,500 of employee earnings per calendar year and the fica tax for medicare is 1.45% of all earnings. the futa tax rate is 0.6%, and the suta tax rate is 5.4%. both unemployment taxes are applied to the first $7,000 of an employee's pay. the amount of federal income tax withheld from his earnings was $1,433.27. what is the amount of the employer's payroll taxes expenses for this employee
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Diggity dank corporation uses an activity-based costing system with two activity cost pools. diggity dank uses direct labor hours as the measure of activity in the first activity cost pool and the number of orders in the second activity cost pool. the following information relates to these two activity cost pools for last year: what was diggity dank's under- or overapplied overhead for last year? a. $17,000 overapplied b. $20,000 underapplied c. $27,000 underapplied d. $73,000 overapplied
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Acoase solution to a problem of externality ensures that a socially efficient outcome is to
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In order to be thoughtful about the implementation of security policies and controls, leaders must balance the need to reduce with the impact to the business operations. doing so could mean phasing security controls in over time or be as simple as aligning security implementation with the business’s training events.
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Consider a two-firm industry. firm 1 (the incumbent) chooses a level of output q1. firm 2 (the poten...

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