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Aprospective buyer submitted an offer to broker randolph that met the asking price. as randolph was on his way out of the office to present the offer to the seller, one of randolph's salespersons brought in another offer on the same property that was $5,000 less. randolph should:

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Abakery wants to determine how many trays of doughnuts it should prepare each day. demand is normal with a mean of 5 trays and standard deviation of 1 tray. if the owner wants a service level of at least 95%, how many trays should he prepare (rounded to the nearest whole tray)? assume doughnuts have no salvage value after the day is complete.
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Suppose the elasticity of demand for your parking lot spaces, which are located in a downtown business district, is –3/10, and the price of parking is $10 per day. additionally, suppose that your mc is zero, and your capacity has been 100% full each day by 8 am over the last month. since demand is , and the lot is at capacity, is the optimal pricing strategy. since demand is ( elastic / inelastic / unit elastic) , and the lot is below capacity, (increased / decreased / unchanged) is the optimal pricing strategy.
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Order these statements in the correct order to fill in the central idea and key points for a chronological speech. question 22 options: there are several steps that someone must take to become a doctor. finally, you will need to get a medical license, and become board certified in your specialty area. then, you must get admitted into to medical school and earn a medical degree. next, you will need to complete a residency. first you must earn a bachelors degree.
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Our uncle has $300,000 invested at 7.5%, and he now wants to retire. he wants to withdraw $35,000 at the end of each year, starting at the end of this year. he also wants to have $25,000 left to give you when he ceases to withdraw funds from the account. for how many years can he make the $35,000 withdrawals and still have $25,000 left in the end? a. 14.21b. 14.96c. 15.71d. 16.49e. 17.32
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Aprospective buyer submitted an offer to broker randolph that met the asking price. as randolph was...

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