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What other aspects of ecuadorian culture, other than its predominant religion and language, might affect that country’s culture?

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Auniversity spent $1.8 million to install solar panels atop a parking garage. these panels will have a capacity of 400 kilowatts (kw) and have a life expectancy of 20 years. suppose that the discount rate is 20%, that electricity can be purchased at $0.10 per kilowatt-hour (kwh), and that the marginal cost of electricity production using the solar panels is zero. hint: it may be easier to think of the present value of operating the solar panels for 1 hour per year first. approximately how many hours per year will the solar panels need to operate to enable this project to break even? a. a.3,696.48 b.14,785.92 c.9,241.20 if the solar panels can operate only for 8,317 hours a year at maximum, the project (would/would not)break even?
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You are attending college in the fall and you need to purchase a computer. you must finance the purchase because your parents will not purchase it for you, and you do not have the cash on hand to purchase it. in blank #1 determine which type of credit would you use to finance your purchase (installment, non-installment, or revolving credit). (2 points) in blank #2 defend your credit choice by explaining why your financing option is the best option for you. (2 points) in blank #3 explain why you selected that credit option over the other two options available. (2 points)
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In the united states, one worker can produce 10 tons of steel per day or 20 tons of chemicals per day. in the united kingdom, one worker can produce 5 tons of steel per day or 15 tons of chemicals per day. the united kingdom has a comparative advantage in the production of:
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Bcorporation, a merchandising company, reported the following results for october: sales $ 490,000 cost of goods sold (all variable) $ 169,700 total variable selling expense $ 24,200 total fixed selling expense $ 21,700 total variable administrative expense $ 13,200 total fixed administrative expense $ 33,600 the contribution margin for october is:
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What other aspects of ecuadorian culture, other than its predominant religion and language, might af...

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