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JED Corp., an e-commerce company, has created a network that supports its supply chain management system. The network provides the company's suppliers with secure access to critical trading partner information and facilitates trading partner automation. In this scenario, the network created by JED Corp. is an example of a(n) .

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Weisman, inc. uses activity-based costing as the basis for information to set prices for its six lines of seasonal coats. activity cost pools estimated overhead expected use of cost drivers per activity designing $ 442,500 13,600 designer hours sizing and cutting 4,229,000 155,000 machine hours stitching and trimming 1,474,000 79,600 labor hours wrapping and packing 315,500 33,600 finished units compute the activity-based overhead rates using the following budgeted data for each of the activity cost pools. (round answers to 2 decimal places, e. g. $12.25.) activity-based overhead rates designing $ per designer hour sizing and cutting $ per machine hour stitching and trimming $ per labor hour wrapping and packing $ per finished un
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Wallis company manufactures only one product and uses a standard cost system. the company uses a predetermined plantwide overhead rate that relies on direct labor-hours as the allocation base. all of the company's manufacturing overhead costs are fixed—it does not incur any variable manufacturing overhead costs. the predetermined overhead rate is based on a cost formula that estimated $2,886,000 of fixed manufacturing overhead for an estimated allocation base of 288,600 direct labor-hours. wallis does not maintain any beginning or ending work in process inventory.
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Wilson center is a private not-for-profit voluntary health and welfare entity. during 2017, it received unrestricted pledges of $638,000, 65 percent of which were payable in 2017, with the remainder payable in 2018 (for use in 2018). officials estimate that 14 percent of all pledges will be uncollectible. a. how much should wilson center report as contribution revenue for 2017? b. in addition, a local social worker, earning $20 per hour working for the state government, contributed 600 hours of time to wilson center at no charge. without these donated services, the organization would have hired an additional staff person. how should wilson center record the contributed service?
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$72,000 $440,000 prepare the journal entries on the lessee’s books to reflect the signing of the lease agreement and to record the payments and expenses related to this lease for the years 2017 and 2018. kimberly-clark’s corporate year-end is december 31. capitalized amount of the lease:
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JED Corp., an e-commerce company, has created a network that supports its supply chain management sy...

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