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ERP success depends on several key factors being met. These factors include all of the following except _. Select one: a. Minimize change for workers b. Focus on business processes and requirements c. Focus on achieving a measurable ROI d. Use a strong project management approach

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Management discovers that a supervisor at one of its restaurant locations removes excess cash and resets sales totals throughout the day on the point-of-sale (pos) system. at closing, the supervisor deposits cash equal to the recorded sales on the pos system and keeps the rest. the supervisor forwards the close-of-day pos reports from the pos system along with a copy of the bank deposit slip to the company’s revenue accounting department. the revenue accounting department records the sales and the cash for the location in the general ledger and verifies the deposit slip to the bank statement. any differences between sales and deposits are recorded in an over/short account and, if necessary, followed up with the location supervisor. the customer food order checks are serially numbered, and it is the supervisor’s responsibility to see that they are accounted for at the end of each day. customerchecks and the transaction journal tapes from the pos system are kept by the supervisor for 1 week at the location and then destroyed. what control allowed the fraud to occur?
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Your father offers you a choice of $120,000 in 11 years or $48,500 today. use appendix b as an approximate answer, but calculate your final answer using the formula and financial calculator methods. a-1. if money is discounted at 11 percent, what is the present value of the $120,000?
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Describe three scenarios in which you might utilize mathematics to investigate a crime scene, accident scene, or to make decisions involving police practice. be sure to explain how math is used in police as they work through each scenario.
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What are the six classifications of accounts in the chart of a merchandising corporation
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ERP success depends on several key factors being met. These factors include all of the following exc...

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