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The West Division occupies 5,000 square feet in the plant. The East Division occupies 3,000 square feet. Rent, which was $40,000 for the year, is an indirect expense and is allocated based on square footage. Compute operating income for the West Division.

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Assume that the following conditions exist: a. all banks are fully loaned up- there are no excess reserves, and desired excess reserves are always zero. b. the money multiplier is 5 .     c. the planned investment schedule is such that at a 4 percent rate of interest, investment =$1450 billion. at 5 percent, investment is $1420 billion. d. the investment multiplier is 3 . e.. the initial equilibrium level of real gdp is $12 trillion. f. the equilibrium rate of interest is 4 percent now the fed engages in contractionary monetary policy. it sells $1 billion worth of bonds, which reduces the money supply, which in turn raises the market rate of interest by 1 percentage point. calculate the decrease in money supply after fed's sale of bonds: $nothing billion.
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For the year ended december 31, a company has revenues of $323,000 and expenses of $199,000. the company paid $52,400 in dividends during the year. the balance in the retained earnings account before closing is $87,000. which of the following entries would be used to close the dividends account?
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Oerstman, inc. uses a standard costing system and develops its overhead rates from the current annual budget. the budget is based on an expected annual output of 120,000 units requiring 480,000 direct labor hours.(practical capacity is 500,000 hours)annual budgeted overhead costs total $772,800, of which $556,800 is fixed overhead. a total of 119,300 units, using 478,000 direct labor hours, were produced during the year. actual variable overhead costs for the year were $260,400 and actual fixed overhead costs were $555,450.required: 1. compute the fixed overhead spending variance and indicate if favorable or unfavorable.2. compute the fixed overhead volume variance and indicate if favorable or unfavorable.
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Statistical process control charts: a. indicate to the operator the true quality of material leaving the process. b. display upper and lower limits for process variables or attributes and signal when a process is no longer in control. c. indicate to the process operator the average outgoing quality of each lot. d. display the measurements on every item being produced. e. are a graphic way of classifying problems by their level of importance, often referred to as the 80-20 rule.
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The West Division occupies 5,000 square feet in the plant. The East Division occupies 3,000 square f...

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