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What are the effects on the accounting equation from the adjusting entry for interest expense accrued, but not paid, at the end of the accounting period?

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Dr. sperry, a biologist, is using excel to track growth rates of different populations of bacteria. she has a very complex formula in one cell. it begins with “round”. dr. sperry would like to see exactly how excel’s calculation reached the final rounded value that she sees in the cell. what could dr. sperry do to best understand how the calculation was made? try different formulas on her own until she reaches the value shown in excel click on the evaluate formula button in the formulas tab and then click “step in” select the cell and then look at the formula in the formula field of the ribbon remove “round” from the formula in order to see the actual value before rounding
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What role do business cycles play in a market economy
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Exercise 12-7 shown below are comparative balance sheets for flint corporation. flint corporation comparative balance sheets december 31 assets 2017 2016 cash $ 201,348 $ 65,142 accounts receivable 260,568 225,036 inventory 494,487 559,629 land 236,880 296,100 equipment 769,860 592,200 accumulated depreciation—equipment (195,426 ) (94,752 ) total $1,767,717 $1,643,355 liabilities and stockholders’ equity accounts payable $ 115,479 $ 127,323 bonds payable 444,150 592,200 common stock ($1 par) 639,576 515,214 retained earnings 568,512 408,618 total $1,767,717 $1,643,355 additional information: 1. net income for 2017 was $275,373. 2. depreciation expense was $100,674. 3. cash dividends of $115,479 were declared and paid. 4. bonds payable amounting to $148,050 were redeemed for cash $148,050. 5. common stock was issued for $124,362 cash. 6. no equipment was sold during 2017. 7. land was sold for its book value. prepare a statement of cash flows for 2017 using the indirect method.
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Which of the statements is true about the values recorded in the balance sheet of a firm?
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What are the effects on the accounting equation from the adjusting entry for interest expense accrue...

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