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Kendra needs to organize information about last year's sales. she wants to calculate how much revenue was generated and compare it to sales data from previous years. which type of program will be the best for kendra to use to her achieve this task?

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Consider the following limit order book for a share of stock. the last trade in the stock occurred at a price of $50. limit buy orders limit sell orders price shares price shares $49.75 500 $49.80 100 49.70 900 49.85 100 49.65 700 49.90 300 49.60 400 49.95 100 48.65 600 a. if a market buy order for 100 shares comes in, at what price will it be filled? (round your answer to 2 decimal places.) b. at what price would the next market buy order be filled? (round your answer to 2 decimal places.) c. if you were a security dealer, would you want to increase or decrease your inventory of this stock? increase decrease
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Wallis company manufactures only one product and uses a standard cost system. the company uses a predetermined plantwide overhead rate that relies on direct labor-hours as the allocation base. all of the company's manufacturing overhead costs are fixed—it does not incur any variable manufacturing overhead costs. the predetermined overhead rate is based on a cost formula that estimated $2,886,000 of fixed manufacturing overhead for an estimated allocation base of 288,600 direct labor-hours. wallis does not maintain any beginning or ending work in process inventory.
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Oerstman, inc. uses a standard costing system and develops its overhead rates from the current annual budget. the budget is based on an expected annual output of 120,000 units requiring 480,000 direct labor hours.(practical capacity is 500,000 hours)annual budgeted overhead costs total $772,800, of which $556,800 is fixed overhead. a total of 119,300 units, using 478,000 direct labor hours, were produced during the year. actual variable overhead costs for the year were $260,400 and actual fixed overhead costs were $555,450.required: 1. compute the fixed overhead spending variance and indicate if favorable or unfavorable.2. compute the fixed overhead volume variance and indicate if favorable or unfavorable.
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Joe is the ceo of textel inc., a company has a team-oriented culture in which people perform as groups and complete short-term projects to earn revenue. after studying his company's structure, joe feels textel's current processes are inefficient. as a result, joe decides to downsize the organization and then use the profits to enhance the organization's efficiency. what is a disadvantage of this approach?
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Kendra needs to organize information about last year's sales. she wants to calculate how much revenu...

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