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Patents and copyrights are classified as on the balance sheet.

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Baker industries’s net income is $24,000, its interest expense is $5,000, and its tax rate is 40%. its notes payable equals $27,000, long-term debt equals $75,000, and common equity equals $250,000. the firm finances with only debt and common equity, so it has no preferred stock. what are the firm’s roe and roic?
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Assume a firm's production process requires an average of 80 days to go from raw materials to finished products and another 40 days before the finished goods are sold. if the accounts receivable cycle is 70 days and the accounts payable cycle is 80 days, what would the operating cycle be?
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Apharmaceutical packaging company (ppc) has decided to reorganize its processes into cells. the company has four different production operations, each requiring a unique piece of equipment. the names and functions of the four pieces of equipment are sort, count, place, and package. the company packages five different families of products (a, b, c, d, and e). the tables below indicate the demand (total units/day by product family), required operations, and operation cycle times for each product family. assume that any individual piece of equipment is available to operate 16 hours/day, but 2 hours (in total) are lost each day on each piece of equipment due to breaks and meetings when operators are not available to operate the equipment. how many minutes/day are available for production
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Compare the sources of consumer credit(there's not just one answer)1. consumers use a prearranged loan using special checks2. consumers use cards with no interest and non -revolving balances3. consumers pay off debt and credit is automatically renewed4. consumers take out a loan with a repayment date and have a specific purposea. travel and entertainment creditb. revolving check creditc. closed-end creditd. revolving credit
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Patents and copyrights are classified as on the balance sheet....

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