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Why do we dry the lighter before weighing it?

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How many liters of hydrogen gas will be produced at stp from the reaction of 7.179×10^23 atoms of magnesium with 54.219g of phosphoric acid (h3po4) the equation is 3mg + 2h3(> mg(po4)2+3h2
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Astudent made a graph plotting the progress of a reaction over time. the student forgot to label the y-axis of the graph. a graph is shown with two graph lines. one graph line starts at a higher position on the y axis and slopes downwards towards the right. the other graph line starts at a lower position on the y axis and slopes upwards towards the right. the two graph lines stop short of intersecting each other and continue as separate lines which gradually become straight and parallel to the x axis. a vertical line is shown at a point where the two graph lines finally became parallel to the x axis. this vertical line is labeled equilibrium. the title on the x axis is time and an arrow pointing towards the right is shown above time. the title on the y axis is left blank. what best explains the label that the student should use on the y-axis? amount, because as the amount of product decreases, the amount of reactant increases over time. reaction rate, because forward and backward reaction become equal at equilibrium. amount, because the amounts of reactants and products become constant after equilibrium is reached. reaction rate, as the rate of forward reaction increases and rate of backward reaction decreases over time.
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If i initially have a gas at a pressure of 12 atm, a volume of 23 liters, and a temperature of 200 k, and then i raise the pressure to 14 atm and increase the temperature to 300 k, what is the new volume of the gas?
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Amixture that has two or more substances that are spread out evenly is called a. compound b. heterogeneous c. substance d. homogeneous
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Why do we dry the lighter before weighing it?...

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