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Ghow many grams of naoh must be added to 100.0 ml of 0.100 phosphoric acid to make a buffer of ph 7.20, similar to the ph of human blood

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What does a particular point on a line of a phase diagram represent? o a. the maximum temperature a substance can exist at without bonds breaking b. the pressure created by the kinetic energy of molecules at a particular temperature c. the melting point or boiling point of a substance at a specific pressure d. the conditions in which temperature and pressure have equal effects on a substance
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(02.01 mc)schrodinger and heisenberg developed an alternate theory about atomic nature that contradicted some of bohr's model of the atom. how do changes resultingfrom new technology and evidence affect the reputation of the atomic theory? ​
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Balance and in which category does it fit in? single or double displacement or synthesis or decomposition? (a) k2 o → k + o2 (b) na + i2 → nai (c) cu(no3 )2 + naoh → cu(oh)2 + nano3 (d) kclo3 → kcl + o2 (e) ca(no3 )2 + hbr → cabr2 + hno3 (f) sn(oh)2 → sno + h2 o (g) p4 + n2 o → p4 o6 + n2 (h) fe + al2 (so4 )3 → feso4 + al (i) alcl3 + na2 co3 → al2 (co3 )3 + nacl (j) c3 h6 + o2 → co2 + h2 o
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If a molecule with a molecular formula of c13h18 is treated with an excess of h2 in the presence of finally divided pt metal under conditions required for maximum hydrogenation of the molecule to give a molecule with a formula c13h24, how many rings are in the molecule?
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Ghow many grams of naoh must be added to 100.0 ml of 0.100 phosphoric acid to make a buffer of ph 7....

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