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Ogases, liquids and solids using heat of fusion or vaporization to find the heat needed to.. calculate the amount of heat needed to melt 149. g of solid methanol (ch, oh) and bring it to a temperature of -19.9 °c. be sure your answer has a unit symbol and the correct number of significant digits. 10

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Silver tarnishes as silver metal reacts with hydrogen sulfide, h2s, in the air. in this reaction, dark silver sulfide, au2s, covers the surface of silver. when silver is polished, this coating of silver sulfide can be removed from the surface. this makes the silver shiny again. enter the coefficients that balance the tarnishing reaction equation. (type 1 for no coefficient.)
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Great amounts of electromagnetic energy from our sun and other bodies in space travel through space. which is a logical conclusion about these electromagnetic waves? their energy must be very their frequency must be very low these waves can travel without a medium they only travel through a vacuum of space
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Given the following equation: 2a1 + 3mgcl2 --> 2alcl3 + 3mg how many moles of aluminum chloride are produced from 2.5 moles of magnesium chloride?
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Need what is special about water as a compound? how does water regulate climate? what drives water evaporation?   why is the water vapor fresh water when it rises from the ocean? why might freshwater in the form of snow take longer to enter the water cycle again than liquid precipitation?   what is an aquifer? what role do people play in the water cycle? plz just answer as many as you can ! thx if you !
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Ogases, liquids and solids using heat of fusion or vaporization to find the heat needed to.. calcula...

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