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Glucose exists in a straight-chain and a cyclic form. in a aqueous solution , glucose may be found in ?

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Glucose (c6h12o6) can exist as both an open-chain form and a closed-ring form. before 1900, glucose was only thought to occur as an open chain. now we know that over 99 percent of the time, glucose occurs in the closed-ring form. what possible difference between these forms would give chemists a clue that the open-chain form was not present?
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In aqueous solutions there are three forms of glucose: the a-form (36%), the b-form (64%) and a trace amount of the open-chain form. at equilibrium, the alpha and beta cyclic forms are interconverted by way of the openchain structure. explain (a) why the cyclic forms exist predominately in solutions, and (b) why the b-form is more abundant than the a-form.
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Glucose can exist in straight-chain or cyclic form. in which combination does glucose link together in a polysaccharide?
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Consider a solution of glucose on one side of a membrane that is impermeable to the transport of glucose. the temperature of the glucose solution is 37°c. assume the glucose concentration is 1 mg ml−1 and that the molecular weight of glucose is 180 g mol−1. answer the following question. (1) what pressure must be applied on the glucose side of the membrane to stop the flow of water into the glucose solution in mmhg? round the answer to 1 decimal place.
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Glucose exists in a straight-chain and a cyclic form. in a aqueous solution , glucose may be found i...

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