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Sue was monitoring the oil spill into the gulf of mexico from an oil tanker. from her observations, she noted that the oil was moving as large patches in the water. it did not appear as though the oil was dissolving into the water. why did the oil not dissolve into the water?

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Compare and contrast physical changes with chemical changes.
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In a ni-cd battery, a fully charged cell is composed of nickelic hydroxide. nickel is an element that has multiple oxidation states. assume the following proportions of the states: nickel charge proportions found 0 0.17 +2 0.3 +3 0.33 +4 0.5 (a) determine the mean of the nickel charge. enter the answer to 2 decimal places.(b) determine the cumulative distribution function of nickel charge.
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You just calculated that the heat of fusion for chloromethane is 6400 j/mol. the heat of fusion for hydrogen is 120 j/mol.? which of the following account for this difference? more than one correcta. chloromethane can absorb more energy at the same temperature. b. hydrogen has stronger intermolecular forces than chloromethane. c. hydrogen molecules can pack more closely than chloromethane molecules. d. chloromethane experiences dipole-dipole interactions. e. chloromethane has a higher molar mass than hydrogen.
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Sue was monitoring the oil spill into the gulf of mexico from an oil tanker. from her observations,...

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