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What can be the use of smoke transformed into liquid?

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Ineed to find the answer of this question because i dont understand it
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Acertain metal m forms a soluble sulfate salt m2so4. suppose the left half cell of a galvanic cell apparatus is filled with a 5.00m solution of m2so4 and the right half cell with a 50.0mm solution of the same substance. electrodes made of m are dipped into both solutions and a voltmeter is connected between them. the temperature of the apparatus is held constant at 20.0°c. which electrode will be positive? a) left b) right
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What is the molar mass of the anhydrous compound? answer using four significant figures. 36.02 g/mol 120.15 g/mol 156.12 g/mol
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What is the pressure of 0.500 moles of carbon dioxide gas in a 2.5 l tank and at a temperature of 301 k? (r=0.0821 l·atm/mol·k) 3.08 atm 1.2 atm 0.23 atm 4.01 atm 4.94 atm
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What can be the use of smoke transformed into liquid?...

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