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What is the oxidation number of iodine in kio4? 1.  +1 2.  –1 3.  +7 4.  –7?

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What is the volume occupied by 10.0 dm3 of gas at standard pressure after it has been compressedat constant temputure to 500.0 kpa?
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What type of element did fermi expect to find when uranium absorbed a neutron and then ejected a beta particle? what did they find ( they were identified by someone else much later.) what reason did fermi and his group give for not being able to identify the products? answer?
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Two nitro no2 groups are chemically bonded to a patch of surface. they can't move to another location on the surface, but they can rotate (see sketch at right). it turns out that the amount of rotational kinetic energy each no2 group can have is required to be a multiple of ε, where =ε×1.010−24 j. in other words, each no2 group could have ε of rotational kinetic energy, or 2ε, or 3ε, and so forth — but it cannot have just any old amount of rotational kinetic energy. suppose the total rotational kinetic energy in this system is initially known to be 32ε. then, some heat is removed from the system, and the total rotational kinetic energy falls to 18ε. calculate the change in entropy. round your answer to 3 significant digits, and be sure it has the correct unit symbol.
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Acamcorder has a power rating of 17 watts. if the output voltage from its battery is 7 volts, what current does it use? units:
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What is the oxidation number of iodine in kio4? 1.  +1 2.  –1 3.  +7 4.  –7?...

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