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Who invented the tv .hint it was 2 people​

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What is force? what are the types of force ? explain all with suitable examples​
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Jane’s team is using the v-shaped model for their project. during the high-level design phase of the project, testers perform integration testing. what is the purpose of an integration test plan in the v-model of development? a. checks if the team has gathered all the requirements b. checks how the product interacts with external systems c. checks the flow of data in internal modules d. checks how the product works from the client side
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Amylist is a data structure consisting of a list of items, on which the following operations are possible: mypush(x): insert item x on the front end of the mylist. mypop(): remove the front item from the mylist and return it. myinject(x): insert item x on the rear end of the mylist. using the linkedlist class, write a class in java to implement the mylist data structure and that take o(1) time per operation. note: the mylist class signature is: public class mylist { . . mylist() {. .} void mypush(anytype x) {. .} anytype mypop() {. .} void myin
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Awide variety of “ apps “ are available to customize devices. which category of app does the word processing software fall into?
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Who invented the tv .hint it was 2 people​...

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