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Analyze the graphic organizer below and answer the question that follows. / which element is necessary to complete the graphic organizer? complex sentence prepositional phrase subordinate clause independent clause the. i think it might be c but idk

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This is an acadamical question why does juelz get bit by an alligator and why was arthur the only one who in the middle chapter in the book
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1. in "the legend of sleepy hollow," how does his habit of reading frightening tales in the afternoon affect ichabod crane? a. it makes him fall asleep next to the brook by his schoolhouse. b. it makes him think about creating scary stories of his own. c. it makes him nervous and fearful at night. d. it makes him that there is no danger in sleepy hollow. 2. in "the legend of sleepy hollow," how does brom bones feel when he sees ichabod crane dancing with katrina van tassel at the party? a. relieved b. bored c. confused d. jealous 3. in "the legend of sleepy hollow," what happens to ichabod crane after he leaves the party? a. he is challenged to a duel by brom bones. b. he is fired from his job and asked to leave sleepy hollow. c. he is married to katrina van tassel and they live happily ever after. d. he is chased by someone he believes to be the headless horseman. 4. how do the villagers react to rip van winkle when he first returns to town after disappearing for 20 years? a. they are kind to him. b. they ignore him. c. they are suspicious of him. d. they celebrate him as a hero. 5. which best describes rip van winkle? a. he's smart, funny, and generous, but he's also spiteful. b. he's sweet, romantic, and handsome, but he's also impatient. c. he's simple, good-natured, and well-liked, but he's also lazy. d. he's old, wise, and friendly, but he also has a short temper 6. which best describes "rip van winkle"? a. it is an american epic. b. it is a true story. c. it is a ballad. d. it is an american legend. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
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Iback to my office after i saw the rain.
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The stories' names are president cleveland, where are you, raymond's run, i have ten legs, boy flying, the bat-poet, white umbrella, the courage that my mother had, and my father is a simple man. all stories are available to read at this link: will mark !
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Analyze the graphic organizer below and answer the question that follows. / which element is necessa...

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