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The essay sea stars by barbara hurd. what point is the author making by comparing a sea star missing an arm to a human losing a limb?

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He believes in tow articles,- two instruments, shall i say? - the golden rule and the declaration of independence; and he used the expression in conversation here concerning them, "better that a whole generation of men, women, and children should pass away by violent death than one word of either should be violated in this country." there is a unionist.- there is a strict constructionist of you. he believes in the union of the united states, and he concevies that the only obstruction to the union is slavery, and for that reason as a patriot he words for it's abolition. which statement best demonstrates how emerson uses this excerpt in his defense of john brown?
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Before ending this lesson, take a moment to review an informative research essay you have written. you’ve probably already written a conclusion to the essay. but is it the best conclusion it can be? does it properly summarize the main subtopics of your essay? does it state in one or two sentences the “so what” of your topic. if your topic was abraham lincoln, your essay shouldn’t be just about abraham lincoln. it should answer, “so what about abraham lincoln? ” take five or ten minutes, and looking only at that single paragraph, revise your conclusion
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In this example, what does the author use to describe laurie
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Give an example from the movie catch me if you can where frank fraudulent activities a. only affected the finances of a large business b. directly affected the lives of people around him c. negatively affected his own personal life
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The essay sea stars by barbara hurd. what point is the author making by comparing a sea star missing...

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