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With this 3 questions ! really need them right! 1. the first continental congress met in philadelphia on september 5, 1774. all of the colonies sent representatives except georgia. this congress continued in session until october 26, 1774. by then it had passed resolutions calling for a boycott against british trade. the author's main purpose was a. to inform b. to persuade c. to instruct d. to give an opinion 2. identify the point of view of each of the following passages. "my second mate was a round-cheeked, silent young man, grave beyond his years, i thought; but as our eyes happened to meet i detected a slight quiver on his lips. i looked down at once. it was not my part to encourage sneering on board my ship. it must be said, too, that i knew very little of my officers." (joseph conrad, "the secret sharer") a. first person b. third person limited c. third person omniscient d. none of the above 3. identify the point of view of each of the following passages. "he had only himself to in his choice: his fortune was his own; for as to frank, it was more than being tacitly brought up as his uncle's heir, it had become so avowed an adoption as to have him assume the name of churchill on coming of age. it was most unlikely, therefore, that he should ever want his father's assistance. his father had no apprehension of it." (jane austen, emma) a. third person omniscient b. third person limited c. first person d. none of the above

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Ask yourself all of the following questions before you even consider submitting your essay for grading. if your answer to even one of these questions is no, then you still have some work to do. does my introduction attempt to “hook” the reader? does my essay have a clear and specific thesis statement? does my essay accurately tell my story? does my essay indicate why i’m telling my story? have i described only my own experiences? have i used the first-person point of view (the pronoun “i”) throughout the essay? have i clearly indicated where paragraphs begin and end? does each of my paragraphs support my thesis statement? does my conclusion summarize and give closure to my essay? have i effectively proofread my essay? have i met the length requirement? is my essay formatted according to the instructions?
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Read this excerpt from leah missbach day's foreword to wheels of change. bicycles have long played a role in my life. as a young woman, i rode one year-round before i had a car. but it was later in adulthood that the bicycle became more than a source of transportation for me. the bicycle actually began to truly shape the way i saw the world. what is the author's purpose for including this in the foreword?
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Who is music included between news updated of the radio version of the war of the worlds
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Who is not a member of rome’s second triumvirate?
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With this 3 questions ! really need them right! 1. the first continental congress met in philadelp...

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