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How you think your hometown would look without electricity? explain in one paragraph

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What does the first line in this stanza from old ironsides by oliver wendell holmes tell the reader about the ship
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Read the following passage "you're not here to read books, you're here to learn! " the childwrangler's voice screeched as we kept our picks moving rhythmically against the school walls. we had all heard about a time, back in the dark ages, when children read books at school. they say school was even a building above ground. but that was obviously dangerous. how could society thrive if all the children sat around reading all day? when would they have time to learn about veins of coal, processing fuel, and all that stuff? school was important. what two central ideas in this story are most closely related? a. the importance of literature and the dangers of miningb. humankind's basic survival needs and independence c. the nature of learning and societal dysfunctiond. the powers of rumors and abuse of authority
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Pl true or false: a hyphen can indicate that a word has been split up at the end of a line and continues onto the next line.
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How does the author foreshadow trouble in the prison? support your answer with explicit textual evidence.
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How you think your hometown would look without electricity? explain in one paragraph...

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