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Psychologythis is due soon and i can’t come up with a good question? !me if your good in psychology. 1.)i need to generate one question/topic that could be studied using a research method used in psychology. for example, educational psychologist may study the effects of marijuana on gpa. make sure the topic/question is not from online! 2.)once you have the question, identify two possible research methods that would be used to answer the question. 3.) describe the methods and explain why the methods you chose would be the best to answer the question you posed.

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Millicent sat down at her desk in the big study hall. tomorrow she would come to school, proudly, laughingly, without lipstick, with her brown hair straight and shoulder length, and then everybody would know, even the boys would know, that she was one of the elect. teachers would smile , thinking perhaps: so now they've picked millicent arnold. i never would have guessed it. —"initiation," sylvia plath what inference can be made about millicent from the way she is characterized indirectly? millicent is a student with straight brown hair. millicent does not usually take care of her appearance. millicent has not always been popular.
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Psychologythis is due soon and i can’t come up with a good question? !me if your good in psychology....

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