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Annette snickered all the way home from rehearsal. why?

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Read this excerpt from holes. a patrol car pulled alongside him. a policeman asked him why he was running. then he took the shoes and made a call on his radio. shortly thereafter, stanley was arrested. it turned out the sneakers had been stolen from a display at the homeless shelter. that evening rich people were going to come to the shelter and pay a hundred dollars to eat the food that the poor people ate every day for free. clyde livingston, who had once lived at the shelter when he was younger, was going to speak and sign autographs. his shoes would be auctioned, and it was expected that they would sell for over five thousand dollars. all the money would go to the homeless. why does sachar include this description of the shoes in the flashback? a. to show where the shoes came from b. to show how valuable the shoes were c. to reveal why stanley was arrested d. to give background on the homeless shelter
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Which of the following arguments uses a non sequitur fallacy? a. if we allow students to wear caps to school, soon we'll have to let them wear gang colors. b. you should vote for sylvia for class president because everyone else on the squad is voting for her. c. regulations on motorists should be lifted because factories are a bigger source of pollution. d. the gray wolves of winter falls park should be protected because they need our support.
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Hich statement offers the best comparison of the two poems? where have you gone." i am a black woman.
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In addition to academic and extracurricular achievements in school, i am an involved member of my community. i volunteer at the local animal shelter every saturday morning, and i build houses for a nonprofit organization a few times a year with my family. which of these rhetorical devices is most clearly used here? a. inductive logic b. ethos c. parallelism d. text structure
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Annette snickered all the way home from rehearsal. why?...

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