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Which of the following statements is the best example of snobbery in the doll house

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Which of these are central ideas of chapter 4 of wheels of change? check all that apply.
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"where are you taking me? " the car hesitated, or rather gave a faint whirring click, as if information, somewhere, was dropping card by punch- slotted card under electric eyes. "to the psychiatric center for research on regressive tendencies." he got in. the door shut with a soft thud. the police car rolled through the night avenues, flashing its dim lights ahead. which statement best describes the intended aesthetic impact of this excerpt? o a. by showing leonard obeying the police car, the author reinforces the theme of surrendering one s individuality. o b. by relating the way the car responds, the author underscores the theme of the dangers of a mechanized of society o c. by having leonard, a seemingly normal person, taken to a psychiatric center, the author injects irony, leaving the reader surprised o d. by showing leonard communicating with another person, the author satisfies his need for human contact, leaving the reader hopeful
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In “we wear the mask,” which message is conveyed by dunbar’s repetition of the phrase “we wear the mask”?
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Asap read the bottom. use these 7 words to make 2 similies, 2 personification, 2 metaphors, and 1 of any so much backpack toaster drummer beach heart bicycle microwave examples: (if the examples were a quarterback, a wave, and stars) 1. the quarterback is a cheetah running down the field. (metaphor) 2. like a wave, the birds in autumn move through the air crashing into invisible shores. (simile) 3. the stars danced in the night sky. (personification) remember to write using complete, correctly capitalized sentences for each of the examples you provide. also, proofread and spell check carefully.
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Which of the following statements is the best example of snobbery in the doll house...

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