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Which aspect of hexagonal writing leads you to consider works that have similar elements? personal allusions analysis of literary devices literary allusions evaluation

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Read the sentence. on days when i go jogging in the morning, my mind seems to process ideas faster, and my mood is more positive. how does the underlined clause add variety and meaning to the sentence? select two options. it describes the days being discussed. it makes readers want to go jogging. it creates a compound-complex sentence. it adds detail about the speaker's personality. it explains why jogging is beneficial.
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Based on the cause-and-effect relationship in this sentence, what is the meaning of the word illuminate? the colors and patterns on the stained glass windows were illuminated as thousands of candles burned during the special church service. a) to melt or change form b) to grow taller or wider c) to become extremely hot d) to light up or make clear
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Read the excerpt from the land. "mitchell? " questioned miz thomas. "well, suh, he's out in them woods yonder choppin' wood for the fire." hammond nodded. "whereabout? " "north yonder . . by the creek." "all right," said hammond. "we'll find him." we turned to go, but then miz thomas said, "that mitchell, he done somethin'? he in trouble? " "we just want to talk to him, edna," hammond assured her. still, though, as we rode away, i saw miz thomas frown, and young as i was, i knew she was worried. she was worried because my brothers had come. my brothers had come asking about mitchell, and my brothers were white. which character’s reactions best reflect the post–civil war historical context of this excerpt? a. edna’s b. hammond’s c. mitchell’s d. paul’s answer and whoever answer first with the correct answer will get the brainlyeist.
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Which graphical source would best show the average voting age of americans, organized by income? a. schematics b. infographic c. map d. chart
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Which aspect of hexagonal writing leads you to consider works that have similar elements? personal...

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