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Ineed ! (1) divorce has serious negative consequences. (2) first, social adjustment after the divorce is a troublesome time. (3) the former couple often finds that starting to date again can be nerve-racking. (4) also, married friends may exclude singles from social plans. (5) secondly, emotional difficulties among the original family members are common. (6) feelings of guilt and resentment may persist between the former husband and wife. (7) at the same time, children may be confused and hurt; many also feel guilty, imagining that they were somehow to blame for the divorce. (8) a third consequence is that financial adjustments are necessary. (9) alimony, child support, and property dispersal must be dealt with. (10) also, the high fees that lawyers charge can be a burden. 1. in general, the major details of this passage are a. negative consequences of divorce. b. serious problems that lead to divorce. c. ways to deal with divorce. d. emotional difficulties that arise from divorce.

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Ineed ! (1) divorce has serious negative consequences. (2) first, social adjustment after the divo...

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