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Who is tanya harty from shakespeare. using 5’ws

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Why is jay gatsby so famous? question 16 options: because he is married to a duchess because he throws elaborate parties every single weekend because he is very mean because he died saving the lives of several people
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What kind of word is the pronoun in bold letters? the car will be yours when you pay your last car payment.
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Select the quote that best shows character. “why should he disturb my peace? ” “excuse me, sir, i am not accustomed to listen to such expressions or to such a tone of voice. i want to hear no more.” “the dear lady may well have taken me for a brigand.” “then you won’t pay me now? eh? ”
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Mr. underwood's editorial defending tom robinson is surprising because he's described as not wanting to be near negroes it's a dangerous stance to take at that time he had been neutral during the trial he wasn't in the courtroom
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Who is tanya harty from shakespeare. using 5’ws...

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