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After she left, we realized how much we liked her, and we hoped she’d return soon

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True or false: a writer uses ellipses to indicate an omission or that something has been left out of a direct quote.
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Which one these is the best statement about the theme of romeo and juliet ?
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Which statement state a claim? check all that apply. (1) the driver education programs are often to sophomore’s at local high schools. (2) students should have a vision test before they can operate motor vehicles. (3) driving classes should i head instruction about the dangers of texting and driving. (4) mr. graber is the behind-the-wheel instructor at our high school. (5) behind-the-wheel courses ought to include driving time on local highways.
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Select the correct answer from each drop-down menu. in the adapted excerpt from michael wigglesworth’s day of doom, choose the correct meaning for each underlined word. they rush from beds with giddy () heads, and to their windows run, viewing this light, which shines more bright than doth () the noon-day sun straightway appears (they see’t with tears) the son of man most dread; who with his train comes on amain () to judge both quick and gone.
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After she left, we realized how much we liked her, and we hoped she’d return soon...

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