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Which two parts of this excerpt from arthur conan doyle's "the contest" show policles's lack of knowledge about the rules and restrictions of his society? thence he concentrated himself upon the stage, on which metas, a well-known minstrel from corinth and an old friend of policles, was singing and playing without much encouragement from the audience. to policles it seemed that metas was having less than his due, so he applauded loudly, but he was surprised to observe that the soldiers frowned at him, and that all his neighbours regarded him with some surprise. being a man of strong and obstinate character, he was the more inclined to persevere in his clapping when he perceived that the general sentiment was against him. but what followed filled the shepherd poet with absolute amazement. when metas of corinth had made his bow and withdrawn to half-hearted and perfunctory applause, there appeared upon the stage, amid the wildest enthusiasm upon the part of the audience, a most extraordinary figure. . the blue-clad player struck several chords upon his lyre, and then burst suddenly out into the "ode of niobe." policles sat straight up on his bench and gazed at the stage in amazement. the tune demanded a rapid transition from a low note to a high, and had been purposely chosen for this reason. the low note was a grunting, a rumble, the deep discordant growling of an ill-conditioned dog. . it was madness—insufferable madness! if this were allowed to pass, there was an end of all musical justice in greece. policles’ conscience would not permit him to be still. standing upon his bench with waving hands and upraised voice, he protested with all the strength of his lungs against the mad judgment of the audience.

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