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Julius caesar. [brutus.] with this, she fell distraught, and, her attendants absent, swallowed fire. cassius. and died so? brutus. even so. cassius. o ye immortal gods! [enter lucius, with wine and taper] brutus. speak no more of her. give me a bowl of wine. in this i bury all unkindness, cassius. cassius. my heart is thirsty for that noble pledge. fill, lucius, till the wine o'erswell the cup; i cannot drink too much of brutus' love. [exit lucius. enter titinius, with messala] brutus. come in, titinius; welcome, good messala. now sit we close about this taper here, and call in question our necessities. cassius. portia, art thou gone? brutus. no more, i pray you. what moral dilemma does brutus confront in this excerpt? brutus lets go of his anger toward cassius and forgives him. brutus decides that he will not mourn portia and will stay loyal to cassius. brutus decides that he is too angry at cassius to remain friends with him. brutus questions whether cassius's life should be ended.

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From 1984 by george orwell: discuss the significance and nature of winston's dreams. deconstruct the dream wherein o'brien claims that they "shall meet in a place where there is no darkness" ( 22), and the dream in which winston's mother and sister disappear (26). what are the underpinnings of these dreams? what deeper meanings do they hold? why might the author devote as much time as he does to winston's dreams?
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Synthesizing new ideas from a speaker with what one already knows about the subject to see if the information makes sense is an example of a) questioning and challenging b) identifying differences c) forming a statement d) seeing the broader context
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How has rosemarys perception of herself change by the storys end? what is ironic about this change
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What is the independent cause in this sentence? "if the poem is about going mad when love is lost, what would happen if love didn't die? "
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Julius caesar. [brutus.] with this, she fell distraught, and, her attendants absent, swallowed fire....

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