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Based on this work of satire, what is most likely the authors opinion?

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One of the author's purposes in the code book is to explain different types of codebreaking to his readers. which line best demonstrates this purpose? a theoretical breakthrough would be a fundamentally new way of finding alice's private key mathematicians have been studying factoring for centuries, and modern factoring techniques are not significantly better than ancient techniques a more recent development is the so-called tempest attack, which aims to detect the electromagnetic signals emitted in a computer's display unit if scientists could build a quantum computer, it would be able to perform calculations with enormous speed mark this and return save and exit next submit
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Which sentence is punctuated correctly?  a. under a microscope; the organisms look a bit like ruffled tennis balls they have armored plates that fit together to make a round shape. b. when the water is disturbed; the organisms respond by glowing this makes swimmers look like floating beams of blue light. c. there is a bay in puerto rico that seems to light up at night; the light comes from tiny organisms in the water. d. the luminescence attracts visitors from around the world people are curious to see; this beautiful otherworldly sight.
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Based on this work of satire, what is most likely the authors opinion?...

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