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How did gothic writing lead to today’s zombie stories and mystery thriller

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Which term best describes the progressive era
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Write a two-paragraph objective summary of charlotte perkins gilman's "the yellow wallpaper." identify a theme of the story and explore how characterization and setting develop that theme. one paragraph will be about character and the other paragraph will be about setting, but both paragraphs must be about the same theme. your story should include the following elements: two paragraphs, each about a different detail (character or setting) that shows the theme objective summaries that emphasize details related to each paragraph topic clear, formal, academic language that shows your professionalism you should have completed a draft of this assignment in the activity before this one. if you haven't done so, go back and complete that activity now.
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Ineed ideas for this essay something easy that i can do does anyone have any ideas on what i should write on for this 100 points ! write a procedural essay with media that is 1 ½–2 pages in length. clearly state your topic, and include all steps necessary to complete the procedure. you will submit your prewriting and planning documents along with your essay.
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Whose woods these are i think i know. his house is in the village, though; he will not see me stopping here to watch his woods fill up with snow. use the excerpt to answer the question. how many metrical feet are there in each of these lines from "stopping by woods on a snowy evening"?
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How did gothic writing lead to today’s zombie stories and mystery thriller...

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