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Read the stanza from "i wandered lonely as a cloud" and answer the question. [1]i wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o'er vales and hills, when all at once i saw a crowd, a host, of golden daffodils; [5]beside the lake, beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze. what is the effect of describing all the places the daffodils can be seen? it conveys the idea that they are common. it creates a feeling of awe and delight. it makes the reader feel overwhelmed. it shows how difficult it is to grow daffodils.

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The adventures of tom sawyer, chapter 6 (excerpt) what does tom do to get sid’s attention? a) tom lies in bed as he tries to think of an excuse to miss school b) tom knocks a book on the floor to wake sid up c) tom tells sid that he is suffering from an infected toe and a loose tooth d) tom groans and says, “ when i’m gone…”, so sid will call for aunt polly’s how does sid react to tom as he pretends to die? a) so it becomes anxious and asks if tom is dying b) sid knows tom is faking but joins in with tom’s game c) sid takes tom seriously and makes a list of tom’s valuables d) sid knows tom is a lying and immediately runs to tell aunt polly
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When mrs. jameson says "it (the desert) won't leave you cold," what does she mean?
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In free the children why does the author provide a first-hand account of visiting a brick kiln? to emphasize how factory conditions have improvedto show a group of people wno iqbal escapeto emphasize the homic conditions of debt slaveryto show the place where iqbal was forced to work​
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Ineed . read the passage, and choose the three (3) inferences that are most firmly based on the given information. your sister has a new boyfriend. the first time you meet him, he corners you and talks to you for an hour about football, a subject in which you have no interest at all. you come away with the impression that he is an inconsiderate bore. the next two times you see him, however, he says not a word about football. he participates in the general conversation and makes some witty and intelligent remarks. what is your impression of him now? do you find him likable and interesting on the basis of the last two encounters? do you average out the early minus and the later plus and come out with a neutral zero? neither is likely. what is likely is that you still think of him as an inconsiderate bore. psychological research suggests that first impressions, as our mothers and fathers told us, are quite lasting. 1. the words “neutral zero” refer to an impression that is positive. 2. the words “neutral zero” refer to an impression that is neither positivenor negative. 3. the selection suggests that it’s a good idea to make good firstimpressions. 4. the selection suggests that it can be difficult to remain objective aboutothers. 5. first impressions tend to be fair and balance
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Read the stanza from "i wandered lonely as a cloud" and answer the question. [1]i wandered lonely a...

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