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Which information would the reader know if the mother were the narrator? select each correct answer. what the father thought about his wife's involvement in politics

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Ineed . (1) chimpanzees, skillful tool-users, use several objects found in their environment as tools. (2) first of all, they use sticks. (3) they have been seen inserting carefully trimmed sticks into termite mounds and then withdrawing the sticks and eating the termites that cling to them; they also are known to use sticks to steal honey from beehives. (4) in addition, chimps use leaves in a variety of ingenious ways. (5) for example, they have been seen rolling leaves into cones to use as drinking cups, dampening them and using them to clean their bodies, and chewing them until they can serve as sponges. (6) finally, chimpanzees have been observed using stones to crack open nuts. 1. in general, the major details of this paragraph are a. ways chimpanzees learn to use objects as tools. b. reasons chimpanzees use objects as tools. c. examples of objects that chimpanzees use as tools. d. ingenious ways that chimpanzees use leaves.
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Which example from lorraine hansberry's a raisin in the sun demonstrates the idea of self-determination?
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In writing, an idea map is a writing plan similar to: a)an outline. b)an illustration. c)a conclusion. d)a graphic.
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What is the first thing you should do when writing a thesis? a. find supporting evidence c. determine your reasons b. determine your position d. investigate why you have a position select the best answer from the choices provided a b c d
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Which information would the reader know if the mother were the narrator? select each correct answer...

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