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Which of the following best summarizes the entire passage

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What word or words suggest his response,"yes, i'm tired,"has a double meaning. what would you say?
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What are the two different categories of group discussions? group discussion can be classified into (open, public, or centralized) and (structured, decentralized, closed-group) categories. the all capitalized are the choices
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4friends evenly divided up a nn-slice pizza. one of the friends, harris, ate 11 fewer slice than he received.
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Plz (i only understand "the song of wandering aengus." and i have no idea what the raven means so i can't answer this. me i will give brainlest and a 5-star rating) consider the speakers in "the raven" and the speaker in "the song of wandering aengus." write two paragraphs to compare and contrast the voice in these two poems. how does the poet give the speaker in each poem a distinctive voice? what effect does this voice have in each poem? use examples from each poem to as evidence for your answer
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Which of the following best summarizes the entire passage...

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